Week 7: Facebook Strategy

This week I liked 7 facebook pages that create content related to travel, adventure, or that are simply creative and innovative in introducing new ideas

1.) NAS Daily.  I liked NAS Daily because I'm impressed with the consistency that Nas, the pages creator, has in creating a daily 1 minute video.  Nas started his page while traveling, but now creates contents that cover a range of topics.  I hope to recruit from the same demographic of interested viewers.  I can learn from this page, and hopefully, create content that the page admins find interesting, such that I may one day be featured here too.

2.) Wandering Earl.  This is a page I found via a google search of popular travel pages.  Earl's posting schedule is probably a bit more realistic for me, and it'd be nice to create content that he finds interesting and might reference on his page.

3.) Donde la Vida Me Lleva is a page founded by a friend I met traveling a few years ago.  This was one of the first persons who helped me to create an adventure video (we were snorkeling and exploring the island of Cozumel, Mexico).  Similar to my page, this page is still in its infancy.  I think that it could be mutually beneficial to grow together and keep each other motivated.

4.) Couchsurfing.  Couchsurfing is similar to AirBnb, but it operates as an exchange of human experiences.  Couchsurfing has helped me network with hundreds of people and has allowed me to travel to numerous countries for a truly affordable amount of money.  One thing I like about the Couchsurfing facebook page is that they feature articles and content from people who help their brand.  A well-written article, photo, or video, can end-up front and center on their page and gain amplification to an audience of over 800K.

5.) The Budgeteers.  I found this social media by further exploring the Couchsurfing page.  These 3 travelers create episode-length (30 minutes) videos about their budget adventures.  I was truly inspired by the robustness of their videos and think that we might be able to work together to create some truly compelling content.

6.) Chris the Freelancer.  This selection is yet another testament to the networking possibilities encompassed by social media.  I found Chris the Freelancer via the Budgeteers, whom in turn I found via Couchsurfing.  This is another opportunity to learn how to fashion my page and possible collaborations in the future.

7.) AirBnb.  I chose AirBnb because of it's brand and reach.  Having content featured on their page, or collaborating with AirBnb in some sort of way, is a dream.  AirBnb is a great reference point for different trends in the travel and adventure community and also a good place to find other like-minded individuals, competitor channels/ vlogs, and all things travel.


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