Week 12: Other Social Media Tools

Depending on one's service or product, there are a sundry of online marketing tools available.  Tools like yelp or google maps are very helpful to a service or product.  I have noticed one of the newest tools available is the instagram story ad.  

1.) Instagram stories have grown to be an integral part of the site.  Basically a user can create small clips or pictures and include them as part of a story that runs for a 24 hour cycle.  These stories are widely popular due to there brevity, video-rich content, and accessibility at the top of instagram's app landing page.  The instagram video ad is effective because it is woven in between stories you are watching, appearing as if it is just a story itself. 

2.) Snapchat Story Ad.  Like the Instagram story, the Snapchat ad story is run between stories that users are already engaged in.  The brevity is impressive and like the Instagram story, there is almost always a concluding call to action to "swipe up" and follow-up with more content.  

3.) YouTube ads. Believe it or not, I have watched YouTube ads in their entirety, bypassing the "skip" button and investing the 2 or 3 minutes in absorbing the ads message.  YouTube ads are perfect for people trying to gain further exposure.  Like the Instagram and Snapchat stories, you can target your ads using these company's analytic tools, so that a travel page that is geared towards the 16-30 year old range is indeed, reaching that audience.

4.) Blogs.  Even though our class has spoken about blogs, I have become more and more convinced of their value.  Having high quality blog content about say, one's trip to Costa Rica, will be interesting to somebody who is online doing research about places to stay or things to do in Costa Rica.  I think one important aspect of curating a blog is to put forth an effort in search engine optimization so that the blog gains better visibility and a broader audience.


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