Week 12: Project Research Activity

Most travel bloggers/ vloggers tend to publish edited content.  It is certainly easier to narrate a story when one can go back and revise its contents.  Live streaming provides a bit more of an authentic glimpse into somebody's real-time behaviors.  Although a person can choose when to participate in a live-stream, he cannot curate the content of the live-stream as if he would an edited video.  I imagine that it is probably important to build an audience before attempting to have an effective livestream, however, websites like Twitch, provide an opportunity for anybody, particularly video game enthusiasts to stream both their gameplay and themselves while playing a particular game.  A viewer who is interested in improving his gameplay, learning new things about the game, or simply wanting to be entertained by watching somebody else's approach to the game would appreciate the twitch platform.

Live Stream

In a similar fashion, live-streaming is an interesting way for a travel blogger to showcase an activity or event during his travel, while simultaneously interacting with the viewers.  This interactivity can take the shape of a Q & A in which viewers submit questions during the livestream or submit requests for the blogger to participate in certain activities during the livestream.  For example, a travel blogger may live-stream his canopy tour in Costa Rica, answering questions submitted by the audience about the experience ("How much did it cost?"  Is it scary zip-lining through the jungle?  What's the food like in Costa Rica?").  


Although I personally don't engage in podcasts, I should!  I am an avid listener of NPR and a fan of some of the daily or weekly programs and hosts.  Although I often catch the broadcasts of my favorite programs live, many are available as archived podcasts.  While a large body of social media is visual, voice is still an important component of our media culture, and certainly the safer option while driving or less invasive option while working.   Most podcasts tend to have a consistent host with different guests.  I've included a link to a series of podcasts for travel bloggers.  By listening to some of these podcasts, I can gain further insight into the travel blogging market and more excitingly, learn some new things and meet some new personalities!


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