Week 16: Future Strategy Part 2: Tools

Being well-organized is helpful in any endeavor.  Considering the volume of platforms, log-in credentials, and sheer content, it is important to use some of the digital tools at our disposal, so that the task of creating engaging, consistent content becomes less daunting.  

Of the available tools and methodologies, I already employ a separate email for most of my social media.  Since I am a one-man team, it is sometimes frustrating having to alternate log-ins, especially since my YouTube, Drive, and Gmail are all linked to one credential.  Nonetheless, when I gain a significant following, it will be helpful to have this separation.  Over the next six months, I think it'd be useful to begin uploading more content to my drive, so that I have constant access across all devices.

Considering that my business is essentially myself and self-promotion thru social media, I should spend more time in contributing versus consuming.  With Instagram, I would like to achieve a once weekly posting schedule and with YouTube, I'd like to have biweekly uploads.  These are modest, yet achievable goals.  I think incorporating the use of google calendar may be helpful in creating better accountability and time management.  While I can generate an Instagram post fairly rapidly... in about an hour after sorting photos, editing, captioning and tagging, creating a YouTube video is more time-consuming.  I believe that defining a clear goal, for example, a 5 minute video, will help in achieving greater consistency.  Perhaps spending 5 hours a week on video is a good start; I certainly have an ample amount of footage I have shot that needs to be edited!

Over the next month I plan on implementing my goal of one Instagram post/ week and 2 YouTube videos.  My first YouTube video will be a video from a trip I took to Cabo San Lucas, while the second will be a trip I took to Costa Rica.  I will work on these videos by doing two 2-hour sessions each week, such that each video has approximately 4 hours of editing time behind them.  Stay tuned for the results!


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