Week 16: Future Strategy

Of the available social media platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook integrate best into the construct of a travel blog/ vlog.  As far as enjoyment, I find Instagram to be the most enjoyable and engaging, if not borderline addicting.  I enjoy Instagram due to it's simpler layout that helps showcase visual media, namely photo and video.  I also find Instagram to be the easiest to post daily content to, particularly to the daily "stories" section.  Via my research and own use of Instagram, it seems like most successful influencers create consistent story sections, supplemented by several posts a week.  In both mediums, stories and traditional posts, successful influencers point users to their other pages, namely YouTube, so as to maximize engagement and monetization.  On a nearly daily basis these influencers are encouraging users to "swipe up" to redirect them to YouTube based content, an online store, or an email list.  

Facebook is a behemoth that functions as a source of content, commerce, and communication.  I find that millennials are using less of Facebook, however, it still functions as a great landing page for businesses, and a place where people can comment on their interactions with companies.  Using the scheduling feature and by linking other people's content, it is still possible to maintain a facebook page that is consistent, without having to spend a lot of time on something that, in my opinion, will be less and less relevant to younger generations. 

One of the most useful things this class has taught me is the importance of blogging.  I tend to give greater credence to people who maintain a thoughtful blog, and I think no matter one's industry, that having your own landing page, complete with original thought about whatever it is you are speaking to, is an important way to be discovered by other people.  By optimizing one's blog or landing page for search engines and keeping an eye on analytics, one can refine his content to truly speak to an audience that is already engaged in your topic.


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