Week 15: Facebook Analytics

I am reviewing my facebook travel page, "Imdustinthewind" facebook insights for the week of May 11-17.  The truth is, I don't spend much time on facebook, as I am a much more avid user of Instagram.  This being said, all platforms provide analytics or insights and knowing how to read and interpret them is important in crafting content.  

This week I had 6 total page views, which is actually about a 40% drop.  Some of my classmates have been gracious enough to like my page, and believe it or not, 3 page likes is about a 100% increase.  My reach has expanded beyond both of those numbers, up 71% to 12 people.  Unfortunately, aside from these increases, my engagement has dropped by 15% , having engaged only 11 people.  

Along with these insights, I'm able to review a snapshot of my 5 most recent posts which provides information regarding the post's reach and engagement.  This section is helpful in clearly identifying which posts are obtaining a greater reach and higher engagement.  One section which is curiously unavailable is the demographic data about my followers.  I highly value knowing about who is engaging my content: where are these followers located, what languages are they speaking, what screen resolution are they viewing from?  This knowledge helps one craft a brand that is more refined for its audience.  

Overall, these analytics are helpful tools in deciphering page and content performance.  By reviewing these numbers, one can critique his page's performance as well as set goals for the future.  In conclusion, I am still a firm believe that content is most important, while creating ways to market, promote, and spread this content are a close second.  I look forward to revisiting my analytics upon publishing my next travel video and honing in on what is working and what could still use improvement.  


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